Any citizen of Pakistan can apply online on Nadra for such an ID card.

When the process of NADRA was created a couple of years back, the Government leveraged it to keep a check on the people of the country. Through an autonomous agency, it allowed for the compulsory creation of computerized identification cards. Although not mandatory, they were needed for almost all purposes which forced most people to create them.

The fees for creating an identification card are quite negligible and increase based on the type of card being applied for. Although Urgent cards are provided in less than a week, they do cost a little more. Most people apply for NADRA cards through an online process, not taking more than thirty minutes from beginning to end. After applying for one, it takes about a month to receive it. This varies based on the different categories of cards being applied for and could be done in a week if the NADRA card is under the ‘Urgent’ category.

The main catch is that it can only be created by a person from Pakistan, and would need a significant amount of documentation to prove that. Other than mentioning that your parents are from the country, you would have to submit a child registration certificate. This is a certificate given to individuals under the age of 18 to show that they are from the country. Parents have to provide the same.

The regular duration of the card is between eight to ten years, however, there are some that last 15 years as well. If a NADRA card expires, they can be renewed in a matter of minutes on the same website. This is great for people who cannot keep commuting to their office and back. However, if someone would like to make the trip, they can and the office is quite helpful in providing the assistance that they need.

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The number of people using Nadra to create National Identity Cards just keeps increasing!

Ever since the coming up of Nadra, people based in Pakistan have been finding it easier to create identity cards for themselves. Let’s face it, creating identity cards at an office would take a lot of effort, not to mention, traveling to the office, manual gathering of documentation, along with a bunch of other such formalities. However, all these have been solved with a new, online system to apply for the national identity card.

Nadra, the online platform for creating Computerized National Identity Cards, has taken the country by storm with a majority of its population not thinking twice before signing up. The platform allows its users to create an account, and upload a series of required documents. The system also prompts and informs users which documents are needed. If all the document specifications check out, the system then asks users to pay an amount, through the online payment gateway. This makes the entire process so convenient that users can apply for one, without having to leave their houses.

After making the payment, Nadra handles the delivery of the identity card to their applicant’s houses, through a courier or postal service. This saves time and authenticates that the right documents are dispatched to the right homes.

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) is an autonomous agency, still running under the Government of Pakistan, through the Ministry of Interior. Although it is not necessary to carry one, the National Identity card is much needed for a series of operations, like voting, creating a passport, driver’s license, or purchasing land in the country. The authorities claim to have issued 10 million CNIC by 2002, 30 million by December 22, 2003, and 50 million by February 14, 2006. By 2007, NADRA announced that it issued 60 million CNICs (computerized National Identification Cards) throughout Pakistan.

You need to be 18 to begin the application process for a National Identity card and if you would like to begin signing up, you can hit the link here. This information has been gathered by Nadra Online.

Pakistan creates National Identity Cards to better coordinate Government schemes.

In the last couple of years, Pakistan began providing identity cards for their citizens. Their model of computerized identification is quite close to the one being handled in China. People in Pakistan have to create their own National Identity Cards as proof that they are part of the country. There are a lot of requirements to be adhered to when creating a National Identity Card, the most important, being part of the country.

In a recent incident, a Chinese man received a National Identity card in Pakistan and it sparked controversy. This was however mainly because of rumors that China was trying to take over Pakistan and the incident was looked at as the country issuing cards to people not from Pakistan. The matter was rectified after the minister for Internal affairs released a statement mentioning the details of the card and stating that the man’s parents were actually citizens of the country, living there for some time.

All citizens above 18 years are entitled to receiving a National Identity Card. Although getting a National Identity Card is not compulsory, it is a requirement for the citizens of Pakistan to avail a lot of the benefits provided by the Government. Failing to have one would deny them of all of these privileges which would put them at a major disadvantage.

According to a UN news release, 96% of the adult population living in Pakistan have National ID cards. These details are based on a report dated 2013. The population of the country was about 18.17 crore then and is currently 18.7 crore which shows significant growth in the number of people. With the population increasing, the Government had to work harder to coordinate the creation of that many National Identity Cards.

This meant bringing in the big guns and they created the NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) which is an independent agency under the Minister of Internal, Pakistan Government. This agency is responsible for all the information it receives, storing it in secure locations and providing computerized identity cards to the people. The information that the department receives also has to be stored in a secure place. Since they have to deal with a giant workload and create cards for a lot of people, they decided to work on a better and easier system for getting this done, the internet. You can now create a National Identity card online, through the Nadra website.

The process is rather simple, head on over to their website and download the application forms.You can find the right form based on your requirements and fill it out. There are a bunch of supporting documents that have to be filled out and submitted as well, documents such as proof of identification, photograph matching the right specifications, proof of residency and nationality, and a few others. After uploading all this content, users receive a timeline within which they would be called for an appointment or receive their identification card.

The process varies depending on the type of identification being applied for. However, the basics for getting this done are standard and getting the entire process handled online shows the amount of growth taking place in Pakistan.

The online process of applying for a Pakistani ID card is very convenient

To keep a check on Pakistani nationals, the Government came up with a system of digital identification cards, through the Ministry of Interior. Although this is done through the Government, they hired an external body, independent and autonomous agency to help gather the best results. NADRA ( National Database and Registration Authority ) is responsible for the creation of CNIC (Computerized National Identity Cards) which are given to Pakistani nationals. They are not mandatory but they do help exercise many rights. People above the age of 18 would need their CNIC cards to Vote, gather their passport or driver’s license, Conducting major financial transactions among other things./p>

National identity cards provide individuals with a thirteen digit code that is recognized throughout Pakistan. Other than being quite advanced technologically, in regard to a state of the art chip system used in the cards, it does have a decent validity and would need to be renewed online or through a visit to their office.

The main documents required for a Pakistani identity card are a child registration certificate. This is a registered document for children under the age of 18. It is a fundamental right for people to receive this certificate from their place of origin. NADRA through their automated system made it possible for people to get their hands on these certificates. The CRC is required by people applying for their NADRA cards. Furthermore, they would also have to get the same documentation from their parents to make this easier for the entire process.

If you have all your documentation, the process is fairly simple. To make this even easier, there is a system to avail of this facility online. Applying for a NADRA card is a three-stage process and begins with the preliminary assessment for the same. Find the right category that you are applying for. If you already have or had one, decide on whether you have to renew it, cancel it or apply for a new one.

The next stage is the preparation, where you gather the supporting documentation to get this done. You would have to get images in the requirements and soft copies of everything else. The final step is the actual application. Depending on what you are applying for or where it is being done, this should take, not more than, 30 minutes, to get through from beginning to end.

If you are trying to get this done in Pakistan itself, you can head to one of their offices and they would give you the details to handle it. Handling the process in person might take longer than the online process.

The process of traveling from Pakistan to India is  not as easy as it might seem.

There aren’t many people from Pakistan traveling back and forth to India, and there is a good  reason for this. Have you ever wondered about the difficulty people of Pakistan origin go  through, to travel to India? 

This journey doesn’t come easy and many who make it had to spend forever in queues going through their visa process. All the same, getting one is not impossible, it just depends on the type of visa that you apply for.

The most important parts of the process are having relatives across the border, in India. It is next to impossible to come to India from Pakistani without knowing someone (preferably family) in the country. If the person is of Indian origin would be the best. Furthermore, the best visa to help make this trip is a tourist visa with a next to minimal expiration date. A lesser-used option, but used by many, is coming to India for medical purposes.

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There are Indian websites that allow people of Pakistani origin, holding Pakistani passports, to apply for their visas online. For detailed requirements and other information about the visa application, you can check out this page. You can apply for a visa here.

All the stages of the visa process need solid documentation. The documents provided have to be airtight which and should have all the t’s crossed and I’s dotted.

According to Quora reports and the general consensus, it doesn’t seem like a lot of Pakistani individuals are looking to move to India. There are a couple visiting the country on tourist visas, either for a holiday or to check out the sites or visit their friends or family, while the rest visit mainly for health reasons. If you have strong and compelling arguments about visiting India, with all the supporting documentation, getting a visa is possible, but tough. Without the documents, your chances get even slimmer.