The number of people using Nadra to create National Identity Cards just keeps increasing!

Ever since the coming up of Nadra, people based in Pakistan have been finding it easier to create identity cards for themselves. Let’s face it, creating identity cards at an office would take a lot of effort, not to mention, traveling to the office, manual gathering of documentation, along with a bunch of other such formalities. However, all these have been solved with a new, online system to apply for the national identity card.

Nadra, the online platform for creating Computerized National Identity Cards, has taken the country by storm with a majority of its population not thinking twice before signing up. The platform allows its users to create an account, and upload a series of required documents. The system also prompts and informs users which documents are needed. If all the document specifications check out, the system then asks users to pay an amount, through the online payment gateway. This makes the entire process so convenient that users can apply for one, without having to leave their houses.

After making the payment, Nadra handles the delivery of the identity card to their applicant’s houses, through a courier or postal service. This saves time and authenticates that the right documents are dispatched to the right homes.

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) is an autonomous agency, still running under the Government of Pakistan, through the Ministry of Interior. Although it is not necessary to carry one, the National Identity card is much needed for a series of operations, like voting, creating a passport, driver’s license, or purchasing land in the country. The authorities claim to have issued 10 million CNIC by 2002, 30 million by December 22, 2003, and 50 million by February 14, 2006. By 2007, NADRA announced that it issued 60 million CNICs (computerized National Identification Cards) throughout Pakistan.

You need to be 18 to begin the application process for a National Identity card and if you would like to begin signing up, you can hit the link here. This information has been gathered by Nadra Online.