The process of traveling from Pakistan to India is  not as easy as it might seem.

There aren’t many people from Pakistan traveling back and forth to India, and there is a good  reason for this. Have you ever wondered about the difficulty people of Pakistan origin go  through, to travel to India? 

This journey doesn’t come easy and many who make it had to spend forever in queues going through their visa process. All the same, getting one is not impossible, it just depends on the type of visa that you apply for.

The most important parts of the process are having relatives across the border, in India. It is next to impossible to come to India from Pakistani without knowing someone (preferably family) in the country. If the person is of Indian origin would be the best. Furthermore, the best visa to help make this trip is a tourist visa with a next to minimal expiration date. A lesser-used option, but used by many, is coming to India for medical purposes.

For more details on people from Pakistan traveling to India on a tourist visa, you can check out .

There are Indian websites that allow people of Pakistani origin, holding Pakistani passports, to apply for their visas online. For detailed requirements and other information about the visa application, you can check out this page. You can apply for a visa here.

All the stages of the visa process need solid documentation. The documents provided have to be airtight which and should have all the t’s crossed and I’s dotted.

According to Quora reports and the general consensus, it doesn’t seem like a lot of Pakistani individuals are looking to move to India. There are a couple visiting the country on tourist visas, either for a holiday or to check out the sites or visit their friends or family, while the rest visit mainly for health reasons. If you have strong and compelling arguments about visiting India, with all the supporting documentation, getting a visa is possible, but tough. Without the documents, your chances get even slimmer.