All you need to know about Overseas Pakistanis

The total estimated number of overseas Pakistanis are somewhere around 7.6 million, giving the country, the 6th largest diaspora in the world. These overseas Pakistanis are playing an important role in the development of Pakistan as well as in strengthening the country’s economy. Some of the major reasons for Pakistanis moving is the lack of local access to resources within the country, a desire for economic prosperity, to find or engage in paid work or further their education, to better their standard of living.

In order to give you a better idea of where these overseas Pakistanis are located, we have compiled the list of 35 countries with a population of overseas Pakistanis. This survey was handled in 2017 and according to the details

The Pakistan Financials and Economy

Pakistan’s economy is connected strongly to the rest of the world, and they have strong trade ties to the European Union and economic alliances and agreements with many Asian and other nations. They have a strategically important geo-political location with Afghanistan, China, India and Iran in their immediate neighbourhood. Additionally, the corridor of world major maritime oil supply lines is located between the gas and oil-rich middle east and world’s population centres.

Pakistan has been maintaining a tensed relationship with neighbouring India and close relationships with China and the Arab nations. They are also members of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), named by the US as a major non-NATO ally in the war against terrorism.

According to statistics and surveys conducted two years back, Pakistan was receiving a staggering $2 billion per month on an average which is a blessing in disguise, acting as a catalyst in growth and investments. It is one of the primary sources of foreign exchange reserves with an annual subscription of more than $25 billion.

The Overseas Pakistanis

The term Overseas Pakistani is officially recognised by the Government of Pakistan referring to Pakistani citizens who do not reside in Pakistan for a specified period (for purpose of income tax) and people born abroad of Pakistani descent. The country has multiple ways of keeping a count on their citizens who are abroad. They handle this through documentation programs like the National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis and the Pakistani Origin Card.


The National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis is a Computerized document issued to workers, emigrants, citizens, or Pakistanis holding dual nationality, with countries who have this agreement with Pakistan. NICOP was conceived by the National Database and Registration Authority in 2002 as a project of mutual resolve between the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation, the Ministry of Labour and Manpower, and the Ministry of Interior (which is a part of the Pakistan Government). All NICOP holders are registered into the NADRA database to provide authenticity of the individual and visa-free entry into Pakistan. Additionally, this information is kept secure in their servers to prevent it from being hacked or stolen.

The Pakistan Origin Card

The Pakistan Origin Card, or POC, is issued by Pakistani embassies to people of Pakistani origin living abroad. POC are not issued to those with dual nationalities and is only for those from Pakistan staying in other countries. This does mean that unlike NICOP, these people would need visas if they are to travel to other countries.