Any citizen of Pakistan can apply online on Nadra for such an ID card.

When the process of NADRA was created a couple of years back, the Government leveraged it to
keep a check on the people of the country. Through an autonomous agency, it allowed for the
compulsory creation of computerized identification cards. Although not mandatory, they were
needed for almost all purposes which forced most people to create them.
The fees for creating an identification card are quite negligible and increase based on the type of
card being applied for. Although Urgent cards are provided in less than a week, they do cost a
little more. Most people apply for NADRA cards through an online process, not taking more than
thirty minutes from beginning to end. After applying for one, it takes about a month to receive it.
This varies based on the different categories of cards being applied for and could be done in a
week if the NADRA card is under the ‘Urgent’ category.
The main catch is that it can only be created by a person from Pakistan, and would need a
significant amount of documentation to prove that. Other than mentioning that your parents are
from the country, you would have to submit a child registration certificate. This is a certificate
given to individuals under the age of 18 to show that they are from the country. Parents have to
provide the same.
The regular duration of the card is between eight to ten years, however, there are some that last
15 years as well. If a NADRA card expires, they can be renewed in a matter of minutes on the
same website. This is great for people who cannot keep commuting to their office and back.
However, if someone would like to make the trip, they can and the office is quite helpful in
providing the assistance that they need.
For more details about the Nadra process, you can check out.
This information has been gathered by Nadra Online.