Pakistan creates National Identity Cards to better coordinate Government schemes.

In the last couple of years, Pakistan began providing identity cards for their citizens. Their model
of computerized identification is quite close to the one being handled in China. People in
Pakistan have to create their own National Identity Cards as proof that they are part of the
country. There are a lot of requirements to be adhered to when creating a National Identity Card,
the most important, being part of the country.
In a recent incident, a Chinese man received a National Identity card in Pakistan and it sparked
controversy. This was however mainly because of rumors that China was trying to take over
Pakistan and the incident was looked at as the country issuing cards to people not from
Pakistan. The matter was rectified after the minister for Internal affairs released a statement
mentioning the details of the card and stating that the man’s parents were actually citizens of
the country, living there for some time.
All citizens above 18 years are entitled to receiving a National Identity Card. Although getting a
National Identity Card is not compulsory, it is a requirement for the citizens of Pakistan to avail
a lot of the benefits provided by the Government. Failing to have one would deny them of all of
these privileges which would put them at a major disadvantage.
According to a UN news release, 96% of the adult population living in Pakistan have National ID
cards. These details are based on a report dated 2013. The population of the country was about
18.17 crore then and is currently 18.7 crore which shows significant growth in the number of
people. With the population increasing, the Government had to work harder to coordinate the
creation of that many National Identity Cards.
This meant bringing in the big guns and they created the NADRA (National Database and
Registration Authority) which is an independent agency under the Minister of Internal, Pakistan
Government. This agency is responsible for all the information it receives, storing it in secure
locations and providing computerized identity cards to the people. The information that the
department receives also has to be stored in a secure place. Since they have to deal with a giant
workload and create cards for a lot of people, they decided to work on a better and easier
system for getting this done, the internet. You can now create a National Identity card online,
through the Nadra website.
The process is rather simple, head on over to their website and download the application forms.
You can find the right form based on your requirements and fill it out. There are a bunch of
supporting documents that have to be filled out and submitted as well, documents such as
proof of identification, photograph matching the right specifications, proof of residency and
nationality, and a few others. After uploading all this content, users receive a timeline within
which they would be called for an appointment or receive their identification card.
The process varies depending on the type of identification being applied for. However, the
basics for getting this done are standard and getting the entire process handled online shows
the amount of growth taking place in Pakistan