The online process of applying for a Pakistani ID card is very convenient

To keep a check on Pakistani nationals, the Government came up with a system of digital
identification cards, through the Ministry of Interior. Although this is done through the
Government, they hired an external body, independent and autonomous agency to help gather
the best results. NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) is responsible for the
creation of CNIC (Computerized National Identity Cards) which are given to Pakistani nationals.
They are not mandatory but they do help exercise many rights. People above the age of 18 would
need their CNIC cards to Vote, gather their passport or driver’s license, Conducting major
financial transactions among other things.
National identity cards provide individuals with a thirteen digit code that is recognized throughout
Pakistan. Other than being quite advanced technologically, in regard to a state of the art chip
system used in the cards, it does have a decent validity and would need to be renewed online or
through a visit to their office.
The main documents required for a Pakistani identity card are a child registration certificate. This
is a registered document for children under the age of 18. It is a fundamental right for people to
receive this certificate from their place of origin. NADRA through their automated system made it
possible for people to get their hands on these certificates. The CRC is required by people
applying for their NADRA cards. Furthermore, they would also have to get the same
documentation from their parents to make this easier for the entire process.
If you have all your documentation, the process is fairly simple. To make this even easier, there is
a system to avail of this facility online. Applying for a NADRA card is a three-stage process and
begins with the preliminary assessment for the same. Find the right category that you are
applying for. If you already have or had one, decide on whether you have to renew it, cancel it or
apply for a new one.
The next stage is the preparation, where you gather the supporting documentation to get this
done. You would have to get images in the requirements and soft copies of everything else. The
final step is the actual application. Depending on what you are applying for or where it is being
done, this should take, not more than, 30 minutes, to get through from beginning to end.
If you are trying to get this done in Pakistan itself, you can head to one of their offices and they
would give you the details to handle it. Handling the process in person might take longer than the
online process.
This information has been compiled and posted by Nadra Online