Refund Policy

As stated by the Consumer Contracts Regulations “The right to cancel can be lost during the cancellation period if the service is provided in full before the 14 days elapses”. Our service fee is for the review, manual identity verification, additional support and submission to the issuing body and we are not able to undo our service once completed. By availing our service, you authorise to start the work immediately and this may affect your right to cancel once your order has been placed. Our processing team work in real time and will in many cases have started the review of your application within minutes of you submitting your application online.

If you request cancellation of the service and a refund is agreed after the application has been checked, reviewed or verified by a member of our staff but before the application has been submitted to the issuing body, an administration fee will be calculated based on the level of work carried out to the point at which you cancelled. You will then be required to accept or decline the refund. In such circumstances where cancellation is requested after the application has been submitted to the issuing body, no refund will be possible as the service will, at that stage, be deemed as having been completed in full.