Verification and Review Administrator Service

What does * Verification and Review Administrator Service mean?


We check, verify and sign off your supporting documents crop and resize and upload correctly.

Official government website only accepts documents if the uploaded file size is less than 1Mb and jpeg. This can cause problems for some applicants as image files generated by digital cameras, smart phones and digital scanners tend to exceed 1Mb in most cases. will allow you to upload documents with ANY file size and our helpful team will crop the files and reduce the file size so that they can be processed quickly and effectively.

Our team of friendly advisers will check your application thoroughly and contact you as and when further information is required. The aim of these checks is to ensure that when the application is submitted to official government site for processing, all of the information they require is provided as ONCE GOVERNMENT FEES ARE PAID THEY ARE NON REFUNDABLE.

The main things that we check are:

Proof of ID – Proof of ID must contain name, date of birth and a photograph. We check to ensure a proof of ID has been provided and that the details match those on the application. If a different name shows on the proof of ID then we will contact the applicant to request a proof of name change.

Proof of address – The proof of address document must be a) addressed to the applicant and show the same name provided on the application. B) reflect the same address provided on the application. If either of these requirements are not satisfied then we will contact the applicant to explain the issue and request a different document.

The Verification and Review Administrator Service does not stop until we are confident that everything is in order and the application contains everything the issuing body will need to process your application. Our aim is to reduce the need for the issuing body to raise further queries as much as possible. Common email address suffixes are checked, addresses are checked for spelling mistakes, town and country of birth is checked against supporting documents.

Services not available anywhere else including official Government site:
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Pause Application and continue anytime and ask for instructions as to where you left off.